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I want to tell you what I think I see. I see you in Kansas City, the daughter of a famous man. Expectations and your mother is strong and your upbringing was unique. Your sister took after her, but you were wild. They molded you and yet you burst out. You got married, suburban life, for awhile. In your 30's when you had your son like me, it facilited your journey to discover yourself.
The Path was called and it's been rough, rocky with doubt and fear as us all. Then the land called to you and you heard it. You became the mother of the land and it needed to mature, grow and regain it's energy. You also tame it slowly. It has needs as you do. It calls others too.
The Magic Land lives to it's name. It is a sort of fantasy island where dreams are confronted. In the silence, the trees, with no distraction, one is forced to see yourself, other people and see what is dream and what is real.
As the Mother, you speak for the land and know intuitively what is best. This is hard because tribe is called and some only know patriarchy. Will, power battles that mean nothing but their own internal struggles, but hopefully with heart and time, if the land calls for someone to do something, hopefully, they listen.
It told me it wanted children to dance on it. I saw children by the creek, up and down that little valley. I see a way to heal children on The Magic Land. To remind them they are of Her too. I honor your work and always offer a hand when I can.
The Spirit calls me to tell stories and that is what I aim to do. The Spirit called you Mother of The Magic Land and that is powerful. You get to be fully you, now and that is a gift. It energizes you and makes you whole together.
You and the Land are becoming one. You both must heal to heal other, then let the Spirit and the Land do what it does best. You have a wonderful role in this Passion Play. That is what I see.
I love you Laura and what you do.                                   Lew Blink
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