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Laura Lynne Evergreen, and a few of her friends, Sunshine our sweet and cuddly Alpha and Gooser, our Canada Goose who imprinted to Laura Lynne and is gentle and curious.

Laura Lynne is the Spiritual Director, Caretaker and

Mother of The Magic Land

Treehouse Wise Woman 

I am in deep gratitude for all of the friends, family and strangers who walking into my life.


What   happens when you mix a passionate, eclectic, artistic visionary who loves people, animals, transformation and Mother Nature with 70 wild untamed acres?


You end up with wonder land with 70 precious and adorable free range animals that greet you like a welcoming committee at a family reunion, and an Enchanted 2-Story Treehouse Tiny House that brings back the excitement and joy of your inner 7 year old.


Laura Lynne Evergreen, is living in alignment with her soul as a Life Coach. She delights in being present for those who feel called to her warm, insightful, loving gifts.

She cherishes being a Superhost for her Airbnb Bed and Breakfast guests who arrive from around the world to experience the immersion into a fantasy land that reignites in their soul.

Guests feel the love that is built into the walls when they stay in the amazing Enchanted Treehouse she designed and built with Rob Insco, a local carpenter that understood her deepest desires to listen spiritually and create wonder.

She radiates inner peace and joy while she is ever on a journey for self healing and discovery. She has been referred to as "Quintessentially safe." Her goal is to inspire her clients through reaching into that space we all have that feels alone, afraid and abandoned to create a safe environment to see the gold that is buried under the self sabotage and the swirling ideas that block us from transformation. Her incredible capacity is to bring balance, freedom, acceptance and love to her world and to everyone who enters The Magic Land or her personal vortex. 

Laura Lynne has taken on an enormous task and vision to transform The Magic Land from an abandoned retreat center to a Sacred Sanctuary. She already has a pack of over 70 free range animals that roam the Land and are a source of entertainment and meditation for guests.


The desire for sustainability with organic gardens, hydroponics and aquaponics, will one day be a part of the food production honoring the Spirit of The Magic land and the highest intention for nutrition and production. 


Her vision includes musical instruments from around the world in an all glass building. The purpose is to connect with Mother Nature and the fragrant sassafras trees, blooming dogwoods, playful and curious squirrels while witnessing the splendor of sunlight beaming through the ancient oak trees woven with stories in the woods. This is a space of creativity and discovery.

The future art studio, once a barn, will look over the funny back of adorable, loving animals who inspire and invite us to play and be present.

There are sacred mediation spaces throughout the 70 natural wooded acres. Like the healing space by the creek where a bolder bigger than a 1967 Mustang sits overlooking the flowing waters. All the stress and worry that get lodged in your belly and your shoulders ruminating about relationships, health, finances and life fall away like armor and you discover the still sacred space inside your being that radiates peace and love.

Trails meander through woodland wildflowers and dynamic and colorful mushrooms that invent new shades of orange make day visits a delight.


A Treehouse Tiny House and A Frame vacations immersion with Life Coaching changes the fabric and foundation of the old ways to inspire a new and bright path for you and everything you touch.


Laura Lynne creates workshops that are wrapped up in the mix where you will find a re-connection to your soul and feel comfort, creativity, connection and healing. 


Feel free to contact her through email at or complete the contact form. You'll be grateful you followed your heart and intuition.     

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