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Story of The Magic Land


VISION - In 2002 on the bluffs of the Meramec river in Castlewood State Park, I asked Spirit for my mission and purpose. As I closed my eyes I was lifted above the land to see a space and place with people connecting with Mother Nature, art, music, organic gardens, healing energy and animals all living in peace and harmony. From that day I began my spiritual search and seemingly drove every back country road within 2 hours of St. Louis, Missouri.


CELEBRATION - On September 21, 2007, I closed on The Magic Land. In my vision I felt I would find an abandoned farm with outbuildings and saw that each would need to be rehabbed. My vision was accurate and that is exactly what I manifested. A 70 acre tract of land whose history was an education retreat space and then an alcohol and drug rehab center. After sitting vacant for 20 years there is more work that one woman could imagine in her wildest dreams. Patience, understanding, co-creating, humor, creativity, tears, joy, set backs and tenacity are part of each day for which I am so grateful.


SACRED SANCTUARY – This Safe Sacred Spiritual Sanctuary in Mother Nature is the heart and soul of my hopes and dreams manifested. With a beautiful Native American Spirit of the Land, many feel the deep peace upon entering the gates. I call this high vibrating space "The Magic Land." You'll soon know why. It is a raw and real vision and a work in progress. As a heart centered humanitarian project I have serendipitous plans for blessing all those who hear about us and have the opportunity to visit through the wonders of the internet or in person. It is my hope that your experience be a healing journey.


NATURE PRESERVE – There are many Sacred Soul Spaces on The Magic Land. We ask that they be left exactly as you find them. From our plethora of Missouri Native Wild Flowers to the rocks and nature relics that will call to you and the next person to enjoy. Everything is designed with the highest intention for peace, joy, transformation, healing and love. As the Spiritual Director and Visionary, I feel humbled and honored to be entrusted and chosen as Caretaker of the Magic Land.  


Lovingly, Laura Lynne Dyer

Treehouse Wise Woman

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