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Laura Lynne, From the moment we arrived on The Magic Land it was an immediately refreshing experience that lifted a weight off our shoulders and filled our souls with a breath of fresh air! This mini getaway was exactly what we needed to reset our minds and put life and what is and isn't important into perspective. Being on this ground surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature is undeniably calming, therapeutic and soothing for two anxiety ridden High strung women such as ourselves. We cannot thank you enough for sharing your treehouse Tiny House and opening up our minds to new experiences while doing so. We will definitely return in the future and we can't thank you more for your hospitality and generosity! See you again soon B & K


I can think of no better way to have brought in the new year. My journey to here shows me I am on the right path to my best destiny. I am so grateful to you for sharing this magical place with us. May your days be blessed with prosperity and love. I know mine are. No matter where I wonder in this life I will always take the peace and wholeness being here has brought to me. I can lay back, close my eyes and my heart is right back here gazing out into the abounding universe of possibilities all endless. I love you my sister goddess. DW

Laura Lynne, What an Exquisite blessing it has been for my two teenagers in me to stay in your Charming Treehouse over the weekend with much gratitude and love.


I am so grateful for the people who come into my life. You appeared at a time, a perfect time to help in my healing and remind me who I am. You are a blessing, you are strength, you are comfort thank you for all you are doing for so many and for yourself.  This was everything we needed and you helped us find it. Your friends,

N & D

I am really going to miss the dogs I have a fear of dogs but I made a connection with them. We cared for baby chicks and I'm going to miss them. A bunch. I learned that my spirit animal was a bear which was fun. I'm going to miss this place a bunch and I'm never going to forget it.

G  (10 year old)



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