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Laura Lynne Dyer, Sunshine and Gooser

Spiritual Director & Caretaker 

Mother of The Magic Land

Treehouse Wise Woman 


What happens when you mix a passionate, eclectic, artistic visionary who loves people, animals and Mother Nature with 70 wild untamed acres? You end up with 69 free range animals and an Enchanted 2-Story Treehouse Tiny House.


I am living in alignment with my soul's journey as a Life Coach, Director and Visionary of The Magic Land and often a Superhost for my Airbnb Bed and Breakfast guests. I designed and built an Enchanted Treehouse with Rob Insco, a local carpenter and mountain man, that understood my deepest desires to listen spiritually and create wonder.

I radiate inner peace and joy while I am always on a journey for self healing and discovery. I have been referred to as "intense with big energy" and my goal is transformation. I biggest delight is to bring balance and freedom to my world and to everyone who enters The Magic Land or my personal vortex. I warp time.

I have taken on an enormous task and vision to transform The Magic Land from an abandoned retreat center to an Educational Eco-Center and Sacred Sanctuary.


Our pack of over 69 free range animals that roam the Land and are a source of entertainment and meditation for guests. 


My desire for sustainability with organic gardens, hydroponics and aquaponics will be a part of the food production honoring the Spirit of The Magic land and the highest intention for nutrition and production. 


Musical instruments from around the world, an art studio, mediation spaces throughout the 70 acres of trails, day visits, Treehouse Tiny House and A Frame vacations and workshops, will have visitors finding comfort, creativity, connection and healing.   


I look forward to meeting you and if you feel led to, work with you as an inspirational Life Coach. 


Laura Lynne Dyer

Treehouse Wise Woman 

I am in deep gratitude for the plethora of precious people who have been and are part of this incredible journey. Thank you!
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