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Hours and fees do not apply to Guests booking the Treehouse, A-Frame and Camping sites through on-line venues.

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Seasonal Hours of Operation
All Visits must be Scheduled*
Spring & Summer
Monday - Friday        9 am to 5 pm
Saturday - Sunday    9 am to 7 pm
Monday - Friday       10 am to 4 pm
Saturday - Sunday     9 am to 7 pm
Monday - Friday       12 am to 4 pm
Saturday - Sunday     9 am to 4 pm
*Complete the contact form below




Please be sure to thoroughly read The Magic Land Living Principles prior to each visit as they are updated to accommodate the needs of the seasons and Magic Land Community. We look forward to your visit.


Thank you for honoring The Magic Land and preparing metaphysically for your visit. CLICK HERE TO READ The Magic Land Living Principles


PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP ASSOCIATION (PMA) - We are a privately held organization not open to the public. We hold events, community gatherings and work days as well as private workshops. Laura Lynne Dyer, Spiritual Director, Visionary and Caretaker of The Magic Land lives on the property. The lodge is her family’s home.  Thank you for honoring her privacy and her personal space. There are other residents here as well. Please be mindful of staying out of occupied buildings. If it looks like someone could like there... they do.


We appreciate you scheduling your session or tour in advance or your visit. It takes a tremendous amount of time and life force energy to keep The Magic Land operating smoothly. You’ll see our Red Dragon, Yellow Turtle, Green Hen System outside her personal home and in Sacred Soul Space locations. This is our simple way of communicating our availability.

All Visitors sign our Release Form

View here: Click to download here:

Top 10 Reasons to

Visit The Magic Land 

1. Detox your being, renew your soul.

2. Connect with Community, Make a new friend.

3. Be a kid again and stay in our Treehouse in the pine forest.

4. Make some art in our Funky Unfinished A-Frame Cabin Getaway by the Creek.

5. Hike the woods, listen to the birds and relax in the Pavilion on the Hill.

6. Paddle on the lake and throw some catfish food in to see them splash.​

7. Play with our fun free range farm animals.

8. Book an Intuitive Session with Laura Lynne.

9. Set up a nurturing relaxing nature massage.


10. Reconnect with Mother Earth and breathe fresh air.

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