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The Magic Land

Spiritual Retreat

Living Principles

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A Note From our Director 

This Sacred Sanctuary in Mother Nature is the heart and soul of my hopes and dreams manifested.


With a beautiful Native American Spirit of the Land, you many feel the deep peace upon entering the gates.


I call this high vibrating space "The Magic Land." You'll soon know why. It is a raw and real vision and a work in progress. 


As a heart centered humanitarian project, I have serendipitous plans for blessing all those who hear about us and have the opportunity to stay in our Enchanted Treehouse, or our Funky Farm A-Frame.


It is my hope that your experience be a healing and joyful journey.  As the Spiritual Director and Visionary, I feel humbled and honored to be entrusted as Caretaker and Mother, of The Magic Land.


With Love and Peace,

Laura Lynne Dyer 

Treehouse Wise Woman

Laura Lynne Dyer

Treehouse Wise Woman

Laura Lynne Dyer
Treehouse Wise Woman

Living Principles  - Short Version

Be kind and mindful of yourself and all things, animals, insects and people.

Be mindful of substances that invite you to checkout.

Pets stay at home.

Stay out of the water if you sink. 

Watch for wildlife, spiders and snakes.

 Avoid smoking around people, talking, touching and hugging strangers, they might be meditating.

Please create art, sing, drum, strum, hum, dance, nap or clap. Leave all things where you found them for Pete's sake, yes, we mean rocks, feathers and fossils. Knock before entering spaces you didn't rent. We are a Private Membership Community and the gates only open for scheduled guests and events. Give back when it calls you to do so. Thank you!
Nature Preserve

Living Principles - Full Version

Nature Preserve - We think of The Magic Land as a Nature Preserve. There are many Sacred Soul Spaces on The Magic Land. We ask that they be left exactly as you found them.


From our plethora of Missouri Native Wild Flowers, to the rocks and nature relics that will call to you. Thank you for leaving them for the next person to enjoy.


Everything is designed with the highest intention for peace, joy, creativity, transformation, healing and love.

Mindfulness - Thank you for your presence, honor, respect and mindfulness during your visit.

You are now part of The Magic Land Community.

We appreciate that you have the same need we do for deep peace, stillness, creativity, balance, renewal, laughter, play, relaxation, self-reflection, unconditional love, healing, heart based connection and remembering who you truly are. 

Love is our highest goal. For some people, a touch or a hug is not welcome.  Always ask permission before hugging or touching anyone.
Animals - Thank you for leaving your animals at home. Our friendly loving animals will adore you.  Our dogs watch over our flock, and vigorously defend this free-range space where animals are safe to roam. 
Please pick up little people as our dogs may greet you with effervescence. We are not responsible for their actions, choices, or your vehicle.

Let children know we sit to observe the animals without chasing them. Our sweet pack are treated with love and respect.

We so appreciate your assistance with our Precious Animal Fund.
Openness - Stay open to whatever you experience here.

The people, farm animals, dogs, Mother Nature, and the seen and unseen Spririt of The Magic Land are your sacred gifts.

There is a Native American Energy here, and you may receive messages for your journey.

We honor all people, and the sacred Divine Feminine and Masculine. We respect your personal spriritual path.

Thank you for honoring those around you with the same spirit of kindness. We are LGBTQ friendly. We allow everything and everyone to feel safe.
Music & Electronics
Substance Freedom
FUN FREE FARM FRIENDS - All our animals are free ranges so you may sit with new born chick
Family Friendly
Music & Electronics - We encourage all arts, including musical instruments like drums, guitars and your voice. If you must listen to music, allow it to be for your ears only.  Powerful experiences happen when we turn off all electronics. It opens our awareness to new insights and inspiration that come through our 5 senses and beyond.
Rely on a flashlight instead of your cell phone, it will shut down searching for service and it's a complete distraction to your presence in this space.
During some events you may hear cheering or yelling as individual release what wishes to be free. Thank you for tuning into the space and the volume that honors all.
Contributions - The Magic Land is privately funded by Laura Lynne Dyer, from her Life Coaching, Airbnb and Water Garden and Landscape Design.

Many selfless Community Members have contributed in a thousand ways to make your visit more pleasurable.

This Sacred Space is here for you to renew your spirit, to retreat from the outside world, let go, connect with Mother Nature, and those you encounter.

You make a difference. Thank you for giving of your time, talent, inspirational ideas, money, material and prayers. You are part of this co-creative venture. 

We are grateful you were called to this amazing Spiritual Retreat in Mother Nature.
Substance Freedom - The Magic Land is a sober space. In that those who live here are free of drugs, smoking, alcohol and plant medicines. We understand everyone is on their own spiritual journey. Be invite you to be free in mind, body, spirit and soul before you arrive. We ask during your stay, that you align with yourself and be mindful of your consumption for safety reasons.  Being awake, alert and aware has the capacity to get to the center of your wonder where light, love and creativity have always existed, then all else falls away. Please smoke cigarettes away from people and take waste with you. You will be gifted the messages you long to hear from whatever source they may arrive.

Any dishonoring of this principle will result in losing Membership Privileges. People come here to heal. Being in a clear state of consciousness when you arrive and during your stay blesses all. You'll feel renewed.
Volunteers - Yes, we love your support. The Magic Land has daily duties, and small and large projects that benefit from your assistance. 

Your helping hands and creative ideas make a huge difference.  Many of the places you will encounter came from the loving giving of volunteers.

We let visitor's experience this sacred space for many visits to see if they are called to participate in a project. Some, feel called to a particular area that becomes their baby.

All spaces that are not designated rental areas are for everyone. If you work on or set up a meditation or camping area please note it is for all to benefit from and will not be your personal space.

Please check with Laura Lynne if you are here to help during your visit. You may also see an area that calls to you to renew, check with us as we have a grand vision.
Family Friendly - Many of our offerings and events are for adults only due to the subjects covered, and the need for holding a quiet loving space and healing content.
We love children, they are bright and brilliant, clear channels for amazing insights. Please be mindful of your children and their presence.
We offer Field Trips and Adventure Nature Tours hosted by Laura Lynne. The adults enjoy the excursion as much as the kids. 
Our grounds are uneven. Be alert about what's on your path. Thank you for watching your little people so they are safe.
Schedule Your Visit and Session - We are a Private Members Only Association. We are not open to the public.

On occasion we have open public events, work days and offerings. Otherwise, our gates are closed for visitors.

If you are planning a visit, contact us to check availability. Please schedule your Life Coaching Session in advance with Laura Lynne. Her time is sacred, just as yours.
It takes a great deal of life force energy to keep 70 acres and a huge pack of animals cared. Some days we have very little free time to chat. Always ask if Community Members have time to talk.
Those open to jump in and work move to the head of the line.

Self Care - We practice 100% Self Responsibility.


Be accountable for your thoughts, words, energy, actions, physical needs including food, water, and whatever you need for your health, wellness, allergies or stings.


We are 1 hour from food unless you call a gas station nurturing. You'll find once you are here you will want to stay forever.


There is no such thing as a short visit. Be prepared to stay longer than you think you will. Self-sufficiency feels good. Thank you for being kind to yourself and others.


Ask - Please leave everything as you found, and thank you for picking up after yourself. Always ask Laura Lynne before "improving" any area or making changes. She has the Master Plan.


Dark - If you are here in the evening, everyone in your party must have a real flashlight, it's super dark.


Release Form - We have 70 acres of woodlands with insects, snakes and spiders that are poisonous, wildlife and our pack of spontaneous animals. Everyone who enters the gates signs a Release Form. Thank you for staying out of unoccupied buildings. We are not responsible for your safety during your visit, that is your job.

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