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Our mission is to provide a relaxing, nurturing, lively environment in rhythm with Mother Nature so your soul is invited to awaken to restore harmony and balance during your stay on The Magic Land. Our peaceful 70 private acres in the woods, creates an opportunity for renewal and alignment. Through staying in our Enchanted Treehouse or our Funky Farm A-Frame, our hope is that your heart reconnects with a lost part of yourself and those you treasure on a deeper level.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

By coming into alignment, doors open to learn new tools through individual, couple and family Life Mentoring Sessions with Laura Lynne Dyer, Treehouse Wise Woman. The mission initiates healing, wellness and wonder through this transformational experience. 

Wood walks offer stillness, campfire stories light up inner joy and remembering who you truly are. Life feels lighter and easy when you cuddle with our friendly dogs, giggle at our silly free range chickens, or meditate by our pretty 3 acre lake and watch the sunrise.

You'll observe the stuff in your head that keeps you up at night, fade away while your breathing becomes easier and your shoulders drop the tension that's been keeping them crunched up at by your ears. The Magic Land is a safe, sacred sanctuary and retreat an hour outside St. Louis, Missouri. 

Our mission is to create a safe space to explore the inner workings of your being, free from outside influences. We encourage our guests to set aside their electronics, and to be present to feel what wishes to be seen and heard.

We are a welcoming space for individuals, couples, families and groups. We invite all races, creeds, religions and are LGBTQ friendly. Our intention is for all to experience joy, connection, enlightenment, community, fun, healing and unconditional love. This transformational space wraps her arms around you to be at one with Mother Earth and supports visitors to remember their innate magnificence.


We Welcome You to The Magic Land!

Where you'll rediscover the Magic in YOU!

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