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Our Mission is to provide a nurturing environment in rhythm with Mother Nature for creativity, connection, education, wellness, healing, stillness and wonder.
Bring your family and friends to stay in our Enchanted Treehouse on The Magic Land to bring our your inner seven year old out to play. The one that laughs spontaneously at a goat joining you for smor'es and relaxes deeply into the magic of who you are under all the worldly stories.
You'll observe the stuff in your head that keeps you up at night, fade away while your breathing becomes easier and your shoulders drop the tension that's been keeping them crunched up at by your ears. The Magic Land is a safe, sacred sanctuary and retreat an hour outside St. Louis, Missouri. 
Artistic ventures, healing workshops, and connections with Community, free range animals and nature happens organically and are part of the wonder. Individual encounters and group events bring peace, restore harmony and balance, and provide renewal and alignment.  A large part of our focus is to honor, educate and support women on their journey through immersion into arts, a healthy environment where music is born, growing organic food and supporting children and couples.
Our intentions is to provide courses on The Magic Land and On-Line to enrich individual children, adults, and groups, thus reaching out to our communities with valuable and practical tools for creating peace and connection to one another. This includes one-on-one Life Coaching and workshops on relevant topics for mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Classes about art and relationships, sustainability, music, communication, organic growing, herbs for healing, sexuality, animal care, self love, self reliance and spirituality.
What makes us unique is our sober, substance free Living Principle. We are free from alcohol, drugs and plant medicine use on The Magic Land. Our mission is to create a safe space to explore the inner workings of our being, free from outside influences. We encourage our guests and visitor's to set aside their electronics, to be present to feel what wishes to be seen and heard.
We are a welcoming space for individuals, couples, families and groups. Many of our workshops are for adults only.  We bring people together from all races, creeds, religions and are LGBTQ friendly. Our intention is for all to experience joy, connection, enlightenment, community, fun, healing and unconditional love. This transformational space wraps her arms around you to be at one with Mother Earth and supports visitors to remember their innate magnificence.

We Welcome You to The Magic Land!

Where you'll rediscover the Magic in YOU!

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